I happily take custom orders for parties, weddings and special occasions. Below is a list of SOME of the items that I currently make. For an accurate quote on whatever it is that you are looking for, please contact me. All prices listed are to be used as a guideline. We do offer delivery in some areas when there is availability.

Cookies and other treats

Simple Glazed and Hand-decorated Cookies (1-2 colors) start at $3.85

Elaborate Glazed and Hand-decorated Cookies START at $4.25

Handpainted Cookies begin at $4.50

Cookies on a stick $6.00

Day of the Dead Cookies : $6 for 4 in. or $8.00 for 5 inch


Custom Buttercream cakes start at $42 and go up to $75:

6 inch serves up to 6, 8 inch serves up to 12 and 10 inch serves up to 16. They come in Vanilla bean, Double Chocolate, Red Velvet, Lemon and Funfetti


Tres Leches (all made fresh and with locally sourced ingredients): Start at $35. Please inquire. 

Cookie Cakes come in 2 standard sizes

10 inch and 12 inch 

They are decorated in buttercream and begin at $35 for custom designs

Cupcakes are $2.25 each for the standard size cupcake and $1.75 for mini's. I also offer standard size cupcakes with a mini cookie topper and that is $3.50

Cookie Flavors (3 dz minimum for 2 flavors or more)

  • Our Signature Vanilla Cake

  • Chocolate Fudge

  • Funfetti

  • Shortbread

  • Lemon Shortbread

  • Orange Shortbread

  • Red Velvet 

  • Honey Orange Sugar Cookie

Staple Cookies/Bakery Goods (1 dz


min.)2 flavor max $36/dz

Salted Chocolate Chip Pecan 

Chocolate Chip 

Chunky Chocolate Mint 

Macadamia Nut

White Chocolate

Double Chocolate 

M&M Candy Chunk 

Peanut Butter Delight

Domino (Chocolate base with white chocolate morsels)

Butterscotch Blondies

Signature Fudgy Brownies

Shortbread (Includes Chocolate Dipped)

Raspberry Almond Linzers

And more....! 

New York Style Bagels HUGE (1 dz min.) $28.00

Everything Bagel

Sesame Seed

Sea Salt

Poppy Seed



Bagel Platters: $35.00 Includes one dozen bagels of your choice, cream cheese and Simply Made Orange Juice

Delivery is offered upon availability

Binghamton/Vestal/Johnson City

Small fee of $10 added to order